Trucklogger ELD Closing

We are sorry to announce that Trucklogger ELD is closing.

We very much wanted to supply ELDs to the industry, but so many people seem to be waiting to order until the last minute that it would be unfair for us to wait any longer and promise that we would be able to make the Dec. 18 deliveries.  We realized that when we got to November 15 and did not have enough orders to support an inventory we could ship from, we would have to close.  We also realized that the number of units we would have to sell in order to make the business viable would simply not be possible between now and Dec 18.

I’m sure the question you now have is “where do I get an ELD now?”
There are about 50 vendors selling products today, so the choices are very large.  So are the differences in price.

The best deals that we have seen are:
  • ZED Connect:   $200.00 with no monthly charge.  Might not work with Apple/IOS.  Don’t know the status of it.
  • BigRoad:  $15.00 per month.
  • HOS Reporter:  $15.00 per month if prepaid for two years.  $18.00 per month for one year.
There are a number of other choices.  CCJ has put together a good list of all of them:

We will, of course, continue to support those of you that are using the old PC version of Trucklogger:

Please write if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Bob Schmitt, President